As a resident of Powell River for 24 years, having worked at a hotel for 2 years, Malaspina UC for 3 years, am an independent contractor as a gardener/landscaper/house painter/handyman for 18 years and had a restaurant/catering business in the early days, too.

I love Powell River and area.

You can rest assured that I will stand up for you and all residents of Powell River to represent your views and concerns whether it’s to do with being fiscally responsible, maintaining roads & infrastructure,protecting free speech, supporting our Charter of Rights & Freedoms, keeping our neighbourhoods safe and using common sense to look after our environment in sensible ways which doesn’t cause undue hardship on residents and the City.

Let’s keep Powell River amazing and prosperous for generations to come.

On October 15th or at Advanced Polls, vote Robin Murray.

Email: Info@RobinMurray4Council.ca
Or Call/Text: 604.483.1474