Questions from local magazine

I had a request from local magazine to answer some questions.

You can read my responses to the questions below…

1. Your full name

Robin Noel Murray

2. A description of who you are: your work, family, volunteer commitments, etc.

Resident of Powell River for 24 years, married, no kids, independent contractor – house painter / gardener / handyman. I’m a historian, read constantly and continuously am learning.

3. Your political experience and why you want to be a City Councillor in the 2022 to 2026 term

Zero political experience. I feel it’s time for new faces on council and I want to help keep Powell River amazing & prosperous for generations to come.

4. From Volunteer Powell River Youth CAN

What does ‘social good’ mean to you?

It is creating locally, regionally, nationally and globally a world in which we have true health & wellness, beauty through art & music, friendship, contentment, joy, fun, happiness and prosperity.

5. From the Seniors Association

How important to you is it to make PR more attractive to tourism?

As someone who worked in the hotel and restaurant industry for 20 years I believe it is extremely important to attract more tourist dollars to Powell River & area.

6. From qathet Climate Action

How will you support real action on the climate emergency?

As a sensible environmentalist I believe we can find solutions that balance environmental, social, and economic priorities.

7. From qL

How will you respond to Tla’amin Nation’s name change request?

I understand Tla’amin’s request. And, I understand many locals opinion that the name should stay the same. In the end I think the people of Powell River should have the final say as to keeping or changing name. I’d be happy to see happen here as was done on lower coast in that traditional names are on signs with present names.