Frequently Asked Questions

What do you think about building a new firehall?

I think we need a new firehall because the one now is totally inadequate and out of date for the needs of the fire fighters / first responders and all their equipment.

Having said that I also am concerned with the cost of a new firehall.  We need to make sure it is adequate for the crew but not so expensive that it is unrealistic for the taxpayers.  Building and construction is expensive these days.  It won’t be cheap to build but I think we can have a new firehall built that is able to be used for decades which won’t break the bank.  There still needs to be more discussion with taxpayers, City and fire crew to figure out how we can get this done.


What are your views/ perspective on the proposed name change?

I think the people of City of Powell River should have final say of whether name goes or stays.

Personally, I don’t really care if the name changes or not as I didn’t grow up with it.

I understand that some people want to change it and why they want to change it. I do.

I understand why a large part of this town wants to keep it as Powell River. They grew up here, were born here, lived here and are proud of this beautiful town. It’s amazing. I get it.

From a historical context it is easy to look at something from 100 to 150 years ago and pick out only the negative parts of one thing or person. There is always more sides than the one we concentrate on only. We should be learning from history and working together as we have for years instead of creating division and hostility. We need to move forward.

I’d be happy if we officially added a Tla’Amin name to our City name and changed the highway signs to have both names as the lower coast did.


Are you for or against people having vaccines?

I am for people being healthy, fit and happy.  I believe in true health and wellness.

I am anti junk food, anti soda pops, anti too much alcohol, anti smoking and anti sedentary lifestyle (such as watching TV, being online or playing video games too much or all day long).

I am pro health, pro proper nutrition, pro fresh air, pro sunshine, pro personal development (mentally and physically), pro learning and pro exercise & fitness.

I have had all vaccines in the past that I was required to get or needed to get when needed.

If people want to get new “vaccines” now or in the future then they should be able to do that.  If people don’t want to get them then that is between them and their doctor.  That is each person’s personal choice and they shouldn’t be discriminated against because they did or didn’t get a vaccine.

I am also pro Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms and anti discrimination.  I judge people by their character and actions not on their sex, gender identification or colour of their skin.  We are all humans and we should treat each other with respect.


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